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NIN Song Of The Day: The Way Out Is Through






Jane never closed the door when she went on tumblr, she didn’t want her male roommate to be suspicious. But she also faced away and kept her computer pointed where Dan wouldn’t see.

Sometimes, though, she got so horny that she decided to bare her naked ass and pussy right at that door. So far Dan had never noticed and come in to fuck her, and Jane was always glad afterwards. Yet, she still really hoped he would eventually.

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Second Mask: jealousy and Resentment 

Again, an odd combination of western and eastern, this time, coloured (I want to put some colour on the previous mask too).

A hannya mask, which represents the soul of a woman devoured by jealousy in the Noh and kyougen theatre, surrounded by skulls and busts of Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage, wife of Zeus, and very jealous and vengeful. An snake is also going down there, furious and offensive. 

A curious fact is that the name “hannya” (般若) comes from prajñā (प्रज्ञा), the sanskrit word for “wisdom”, etymologically formed by “pra” (supreme, higher) and “jñā” (consciousness). 

Paper, Chinese ink, rapidographs (specially for dot-details), red crayons and real watercolours. Also, digital watercolours and aerograph in Painter X3. 

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